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LofotHest AS was established in 2011 and was a combination of the dream of Lofoten and the dream of horses. Hence the name LofotHest (LofotHorse).


As pioneers in offering horseback riding in Lofoten, and with over 30 years experience with horses, Runa has created an oasis in Rolvsfjord, in the heart of Lofoten. She offer the original "Lofoten by Horseback", which was the first organized mountain rides with Icelandic horses in Lofoten. As well as the standard horse riding tours, she also offer tailor made experiences based on desires and skills of the guests.


In addition to riding in the mountains, she can offer riding lessons as a Centered Riding instructor, as well as various ground work activities for both kids and grown-ups, and our very own recreation program for those in search of flow. Runa is a certified Equine Specialist through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Assosiation) and as a student of Norsk Gestaltinstitutt (NGI), her approach is based on the gestalt methodology.


Our knowledge about horses and the quality in our products, makes us confident that - in addition to well-qualified staff, local guides, our horses and the scenic surroundings here in Rolvsfjord, - our personal approach with attention in every details, enables us to provide memorable experiences who will last a lifetime.

In the summer of 2016 we added Gammelstua Seaview Lodge to our service and we are slowly growing into a resort and we are planning to expand. We don't want to grow too big, because we prefer small and exclusive, but litle by litle we will be able to provide everything you need for a relaxing and joyful holiday, where you would want to disconnect yourself from all digital stress and just live in the moment and reload.




From splashing around in the water at sea level, to the top of the mountain, we provide high quality horseback riding experiences mainly suitable for experienced riders. All our horses are frequently trained by a high level equestrienne to be able give our guests a positive experience with happy horses willing to move forward.


For inexperienced riders however, it will also be an experience in grounding and an advanced training session in your communication skills. The horses are happy to let you be in charge, but they have their own personality in place, and will question any sign of uncertainty or mixed signals from their riders. As we don't believe in passive submission from our horses, you will not experience an "empty shell" walking around following the leader, but attentive and responding companions during the ride.

We do “Small and Exclusive,” and will only run small groups of maximum 4 people pr tour.

Because we believe in quality over quantity, and by keeping the groups small, we believe it will enhance the experience and enable us to provide the best quality we can to give you a memorable ride.

All our tours runs daily except Mondays, and needs to be booked at least a day in advanced.


Due to high demand, you might ride with other guests unless you are a group of 4 together. If you want to have an exclusive ride, please see our exclusive option.

All our rides are designed to give our customers a memorable experience, not only enhanced by the magnificent scenery and friendly horses, but also by our guides. They are locals, either grew up in the area or got family ties connecting them to Rolvsfjord.


At most of the rides, the horses owner Runa will appear as the main guide. She is of 9th generation living in this fjord and will add storytelling to the experience.


All our activities are popular and we recommend you to book in advance in order to secure the day you want to visit us. We also welcome drop-in customers upon availability.


We prefer booking requests through our website as we are most of the time out and about and as we don't have a reception, there will be times we are unable to anser the phone. For example when we are out riding. 

All our tours are accompanied by a local guide who knows the horses well and speaks fluent English.


We recommend our participants to wear good footwear as eg shoes / boots with heels, and outdoor clothing.


We can provide required clothing and equipment if needed

All our rides starts with a short riding lesson to show you the basics on how our horses works. We know there are about twice as many opinions and ways to do things as there are horses, and we would like to show you ours. This is because we want our horses to get to know the rider before the ride, and for you to get the tools to communicate with the horse in a way it will get you.


Even though our horses are strong and are known to be able to manage heavy riders, they are still quite small and as we love them as a part of our family, we want them to last for as long as possible and put their health before profit. Hence a strict weight limit.

  • Max. weight for a riding lesson (60 min) - 90 kg

  • Max. weight for a mountain ride (more than 60 min) 85 kg


Thank you for understanding!


All interaction with the horses is at own risk.

By confirming your booking you agree on our terms and conditions.

Upon booking you will need to give accurate information about riding skills, and any conditions we need to know about to be able to give the best suitable service.


Our guides keep the right to terminate a booked ride - or change route if possible - on the day of the ride, without refund, if incorrect information is given upon booking. We take the safety for our horses, guides and guests highly serious and will not compromise at any length.

100% refund is given if cancellation happens 14 days before the booked ride. 

50% after 14 days before the booked ride.

No refund after 24hrs before the booked ride.

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